Are You Feeling Conscious About Your Bald Head?  Make use of Hair Transplant Services at Dr. Mehta’s!

Where would you need extra hair to be transplanted?  Obviously it would be on the head!  Yes, the number of people yearning to have thicker hair on their heads is only on the rise.  More and more people are lamenting about their scanty hair or no hair at all on their heads.  The reasons for such a hair less head could be genetic or the extremely polluted environment or lack of good food habits that promote good hair growth.

Well, thanks to the progress that the field of medicine has gone through, hair transplant services have come to the rescue of such people.  Gone are the days when one had to conceal their head under a cap or a hat.  Gone are the days when women would feel extremely shameful of their thin hair.  If you have some cash in your hand, and have the patience to sit through the sittings, hair transplant is for you then!

Hair Transplant Services
Hair Transplant Services

Hair transplantation services are most sought after by men to fight male pattern baldness.  At Cosmetic Surgery India, Dr. Mehta first makes an assessment of the hair condition and assesses the loss.  He will also see the availability of donor area and then plan the surgery.  In fact, the entire transplantation procedure is a collective team effort.

There are numerous advantages that have become an integral part of this procedure. Transplantation is a perfect solution that one could get for baldness.  It doesn’t stop at that but the transplanted hair grows normally for the rest of one’s life.  One can comb their hair like they normally used to do.  It can be styled, cut and washed too.

It does not involve any huge maintenance and is known for enhancing one’s appearance.