About Dr. Devesh Mehta

About Dr. Devesh Mehta

Prof.(Dr.) Devesh Mehta is a senior Cosmetic, Plastic & Laser surgeon. He has been in practice for over 30 years, mainly dealing with cosmetic issues. He was trained at P.G.I.M.E.R., Chanadigarh.

He has been a teacher in Plastic Surgery for over 30 years. He has trained over 30 Plastic surgeons, who have happily settled in various parts of India and abroad.

He has his own independent equipped set-up where usually day-care surgeries are carried out. He has FIVE different lasers to cater to cosmetic needs. Admission and operation theatre facilities are there.

He is also attached to a multispecialty hospital called SAL hospital where he conducts daily outdoors too. The SAL hospital is equipped with ICU and ICCU facilities in case serious patients need admissions.

He is mainly interested in cosmetic surgery, general plastic surgery and cosmetic laser surgery. He has attended many national and international conferences, symposia, seminars. He has authored and co-authored many national and international papers in various journals.

Liposuctions, tummy tucks, male breast surgeries, acne scar reductions, breast implants & reductions, laser resurfacing, cosmetic nose jobs, cosmetic face surgeries & laser hair removals: are few of the commonly performed procedures.

With his extensive experience, complication rate of surgeries is pretty small. In fact, he has to attend to many patients who come to him with complications.

He receives patients locally from Gujarat and Rajasthan. Overseas patients are generally from Nigeria, Ghana, USA, UK and a few from Australia.

He believes in less show and more competent work. His private set-up is simple where he does not have to charge exorbitantly high. Middle-class and upper middle-class patients comprise bulk of his group of patients.

Dr. Mehta provides quality cosmetic surgery with economy. His goal is to provide result oriented surgery. There is a personal touch in his dealings with the patients rather than commercial touch. Despite his seniority, every patient is attended personally and his/ her tiny issues are addressed satisfactorily.