Face & Body Implants

Do you wish to change the Way you Look? Facial Implants and Body Implants Will Help You Achieve that!

Face and body implants are sought after procedures because people want to balance their disproportionate features.  It could be their facial features that may include accentuating cheekbones to bring about a youthful façade or strengthening a jaw line that is weak.  It could also be a correction in the chin or the cheek region in the face too.  This is also ideal for those people who are looking to have a firm skin on the face. Facial implants are found to improve jaw lines and bone structures.

As far as the body implants are concerned, they are most commonly done in breasts, calves, buttocks and chest.  Of all the procedures, breast implants are found to be the most common and sought after by women as they give her the voluptuous frame she has been longing to have!

Most of the implant jobs are conducted under local anesthesia with cooperation from the patient.  The surgeon also ensures that the scars that are made for making the implant job are minimal.  Face and body implants help in correction, enhancement of those specific body parts which contribute positively to the way a person looks.  The main aim of the procedure is to achieve the best configuration of the body parts.

The implants are found to better the configuration of the body parts thereby enhancing the self confidence of the person.  Silicon and Portex are the most common materials that are used in manufacturing implants and when it comes to breast implants, we hear that silicon is the most frequently used material.

In case you are one amongst those who feels diffident about the way you look, feels you could look better if such and such a part of your body was like this, then you must avail our face and body implant service at Dr. Devesh Mehta’s!