Post Burn Reconstruction Surgery

Have you Suffered Severe Burns?  Opt for the Post Burn Reconstruction at Dr. Mehta’s

One accident with fire and you are sure going to end up with skin deformities and post burn scars.  There may be contractures which are bound to make life absolute hell for the person involved.  Another situation where severe skin deformity occurs is when someone throws acid on a woman’s face.  The damage that is caused is truly grotesque and irreparable.  But thanks to the scientific and medical advancements, correction can be achieved to a great extent.  The degree of improvement may range from moderate to great.  However, the person should be informed that total repair is just not possible.

Giving a realistic picture will definitely help in handling the post reconstruction stage, for if there is a mismatch between what is expected and what is got, the person may again go back to depression.  Therefore, before any post burn reconstruction surgery one should be informed that a better condition than the prevailing condition can be achieved.  Keloids and hypertrophic scars are found to show great improvement with laser treatment and other allied treatments.

Burns may be caused due to electrical, thermal or chemical causes.  A cosmetic surgeon can help people evolve from their critical stage to total recovery with their treatment and expertise in management of burns.  There are a series of procedures (Surgery, lasers and allied techniques) in reconstruction which help in getting an acceptable, aesthetic as well as functional result.

If you have been a victim of burns and your face or any body part has suffered hugely, get in touch with Dr. Mehta for the reconstruction procedure!