Laser Surgeries

Laser Surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Advent of lasers and their incorporation in medical field has dramatically opened a new treatment spectrum which would have been impossible if lasers were not there.

Pigmentation management: When all cream treatments and oral medications have failed, lasers come to the rescue. Sittings of noninvasive lasers and cream treatment regimen are tried first with good success. If not happy, invasive laser sittings may be indicated. The pigment improvement may be long lasting but not permanent. Females undergo lot of hormone changes which may be the cause of pigmentation. “Sun Protection” after treatments is a must.

Under eye dark circles: Is a common problem even in young women. Creams, pigment laser sittings, laser peeling, fat grafting and some other procedures may be required.

Bridal Laser: Which girl does not like to be most beautiful on the day of her marriage? A planned and well timed regimen of laser sittings followed by facial procedures by a good beautician can offer great result. Best friends of the bride and close female relatives also opt for this treatment modality. At times girl’s mother has also opted for it. Girls who are bit late in getting married (In their late twenties or early thirties) are specially benefitted by Bridal Laser procedures.

Skin Whitening (Skin Lightening):  There is a great demand for looking fairer. Lasers may partially fulfill the need. Laser sittings with cream treatment regimen may help improve the skin tone by one or two shades. Importantly, glow is also achieved which makes the face more beautiful.

Acne scars: Over and above other procedures, lasers help improve scars, depressions and pigmentation changes in acne/ pimple problems.

Laser Rejuvenation: Single or double laser rejuvenation, at times with Platelet rich plasma injection offers good rejuvenation.  Women in late twenties or thirties and forties are good candifates.

Tattoo & Birth Marks: Most tattoos & some birth marks are amenable to laser sittings. Some require surgery. After check up, the doctor will decide what is best for the patient.

Visible veins: May be improved with sittings of specific lasers, especially over face in fair skinned women

Freckles’: May occur because of skin tendency, aging or sun exposure. Can improve with lasers.

Private part whitening: Female and male external sex organs can be made lighter in color with the help of lasers.

Laser Hair Removal: Is the gold standard for unwanted hair removal now.

Laser Hair Re-growth: FDA approved modality to regrow & thicken hair in hair loss issues.

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