Ancillary Procedures

If you are looking for some extra procedures in the cosmetic field, then Dr. Mehta’s is the best place to stop by!

Dr. Mehta’s Cosmetic Surgery India is a one stop shop for numerous cosmetic procedures that can be achieved perfectly with the help of medical experience.  He has been serving the people of Ahmedabad since the past 25 years wherein maximum procedures are of cosmetic in nature.

In addition to the main services that he offers, there are also a whole lot of ancillary procedures that are offered to the people at extremely affordable rates.  Here are the various ancillary procedures that one can avail at Cosmetic Surgery India:

  • Face Implants: This is a procedure to choose if you wish to have a full face look.
  • Fat grafting: This procedure is also found to enhance the volume in a given body part.
  • Laser hair reduction: This procedure is used to combat the excessive hair growth in certain parts of the body.  Will help bidding adieu to waxing or shaving on a regular basis.
  • Tattoo removal: Bored of sporting the same tattoo for a very long time?  Get it removed from a professional hand and that too under hygienic conditions.
  • Lip/Cheek enhancement: Worried about your thin lips?  Think about lip or cheek enhancement which will increase the volume.
  • Under-eye dark circles: The dark circles under the eye can be dealt with to a great extent with the help of a low laser procedure.
  • Dark spot removal: Dark spots can be removed or lightened with the help of laser treatment.
  • Laser facial: This procedure will help people overcome unwanted hair on the face and sport a chic look at all times.
  • Bridal laser: If it is the day you are going to get hooked for life, you must look your best and a Bridal laser treatment will help you in that.
  • Skin whitening: This is a procedure that is mostly sought to better one’s complexion.
  • Cheek dimple creation: This procedure can be sought if you wish to have dimples on your cheek.
  • Botox injection: Can be sought when you wish to have a fuller looking body part.
  • Hemangioma, Port-wine stain: This procedure is sought when there are benign tumors to be removed.