Eyelids and Midface Surgery

Dark circles under the eye.  Dark elbows.  Dark knees.  Reasons of your Embarrassment when in a Crowd?

Our entire body may be in one skin color but a few specific parts may be darker than they ought to be.  For instance, dark elbows are a common sight.  Dark knees and dark ankles too are extremely common in people.  You could perhaps conceal the darkness in elbows, knees and ankles with the help of dressing but dark circles under the eyes is something that you cannot manage easily.  Even if you wish to conceal it with makeup it may not be possible always and time would become a major constraint.  Such darkness of the skin can be managed with the help of conservative management and laser peeling procedures.

At Dr. Devesh Mehta’s, you can get good results from Pigmentation Management program wherein based upon the intensity of the case, Dr. Mehta offers laser treatment to the candidates.  Treatment is accomplished through sittings.  As far as management of under eye darkness and hollows are concerned, fat grafting has been found to be the ideal solution.

Pigmentation & Under Eye Circle Remove
Pigmentation & Under Eye Circle Remove

Skin whitening and complexion enhancement are also a part of this treatment and there are a majority of girls and boys opting for the same.  It is quiet natural for all of us to have some amount of darkness around our eyes, elbows, knees and ankles.  But when there is pigmentation, the discoloration is abnormal, thereby prompting the person to visit a cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Devesh Mehta, in his rich career spanning over 25 years, has helped many boys and girls, men and women deal with this problem of pigmentation with great ease.  If you are a person who is worried of the dark circles under the eye or darkness anywhere, do take an appointment to find a solution to this mind boggling problem!