Cool Face Procedures

For rejuvenation of face, hands and other body parts certain FDA, USA approved technologies are used.

Age spares nobody. Skin creases, dull skin, unwanted pigmentation, small lesions over skin all appear and affect face cosmetic aspect. Bridal laser is a specific requirement.

A senior cosmetic surgeon can help reduce the signs to a certain extent.

Cool Face Procedure lasers have practically no down time, hence preferred by patients. Single/ double lasers and some other modalities may be used. Generally the sittings are planned every 3 weeks, a course of 6 sittings is generally advised.

* FDA approved Peeling lasers have longer down time, but generally a single sitting is planned.

* FDA approved Micro-current, ultrasound, thermage are few of other modalities used.

Activated Charcoal Mask can offer temporary improvement, but is economic and preferred by many.

If changes are gross, face lift surgery may be indicated. It may be regular face lift, mid-face lift, eyelid surgeries, neck lift, lip surgeries and so on.

* FDA approved newer technologies used before Parties, Marriage functions, matrimonial meetings, presentations, Public appearances: All require a person to be fresh, attractive, youthful, energetic and presentable. That is what rejuvenation procedures offer.