Face pigmentation is a big subject in itself. As face is the most prominent visible structure of human body, it definitely requires to be addressed.

There are many reasons for pigmentation. Some may be cured; some may improve partially with management. Sun exposure, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes, drug reactions, injuries, acne, birth marks, aging are few of the causes. In some of the cases we are able to provide lasting improvement. In females’ hormones form a very important cause for pigmentation. Pregnancy, menopause etc. can cause pigment changes.

Under eye darkness is one of the most troubling.

Drug treatment regimen:

Depending upon cause of pigmentation, the doctor would prescribe certain medications.

Sun screens:

Have a special role in treating and managing improvement in pigmentation. Prevention of sun exposure is invariably advised. Sun screens may need to be applied more frequently than generally assumed.


Lasers have radically changed management of pigmentation. Certain pigment specific lasers may be needed too. Peeling and non-peeling lasers may have to be used. Carbon dioxide, Erbium YAG, Q-switched lasers are in very common use now.
Staged procedures may be required. Accompanying skin treatment regimen are very important.