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Cosmetic Lip Surgery

The lip is the most erotic and sensual zone of the face. It may be affected by many issues including birth defects, aging, creases, and unacceptable basic anatomical structure.

Lip Reduction: Generally lower lip (Less commonly upper lip) may be big and hanging. Lip reduction undertaken by the right doctor can significantly improve the size, projection, and looks of the lip area.

Lip Lift: The upper lip's “Red Part” called vermilion may be much less visible, making the upper lip unattractive. Lip lift, generally bull horn type,  can radically change the appearance.

The angle of mouth Lift: At times powerful muscles pull the angle of the mouth down making unpleasant grimacing. This may be corrected with a minor surgical procedure.

Lip Augmentation: Lip size can be increased by fillers of fat to make it fuller and erotic. While synthetic fillers do it for a few months, fat can give much longer results.

Lip Creases: Lip creases may be a sign of aging or some individuals inherently have more creases. Lasers as well as surgery both come to the rescue.

Dark lips: Dark lips are a common unacceptable condition. If medical treatments fail, different types of lasers can help.

Lip white patch ( leucoderma, Vitiligo): It is a common problem. If stable(static, not increasing), lasers and surgery can help. A big social stigma can be removed.

Lip paralysis: In case of facial nerve paralysis, lip angles may droop and liquids may leak. Surgery can help.

Cleft lip and allied problems: Poorly operated cleft lip, cleft lip nose, cleft lip scars, cleft lip vermilion notching, and many other secondary issues can be addressed by a senior cosmetic surgeon.