Burn Scars:

Cosmetically and functionally quite disturbing to the patient. A lot of improvement may be offered by medical treatment, surgeries, lasers and allied treatments.

Burn Contractures:

Because of skin deficit after burns, parts get joined, resulting in contractures, which can be effectively removed by surgery.

Burn Hypertrophy:

Can occur after deep burns. Can be cosmetically, functionally objectionable and may itch a lot.

Post Burn Pigmentation:

At times, the pigmentation after burn healing is so ugly. Medical treatment and lasers may be required for the same.

Post-burn vitiligo (White patches):

Is another problem encountered socially, and may even need to be treated for marriage purposes. Surgery may be the only answer if color has not come back 2 years post burn.

Burn Face Scar:

Always objectionable to the patient. Acid burns leave behind worst scars with may be eye loss. Surgery help to a significant extent.