Birth Defects

Treatment & Surgery for Birth Defects

In treatment of many “Birth defects” or “Birth anomalies”, a senior cosmetic surgeon has a special role. He/ She may greatly help improve the cosmetic and functional aspect related to these defects.

* Cleft lip, cleft palate, rare facial clefts are a group of defects that may improve significantly,  under care of a senior cosmetic surgeon. Surgery can be offered even for secondary scars of treatment. Cleft lip nose may require special attention.

* Joined toes, joined fingers, bent fingers, extra finger or toes and other hand and foot anomalies may be addressed by a senior cosmetic plastic surgeon.

*Hypospadias (Abnormal urine opening), intersex, indeterminate sex and related issues may be addressed by a senior cosmetic surgeon

* Ear deformities: Absence of ear, prominent ear, bat ear, folded ear, absent lobule, small ear, large ear, pre-auricular tags and many other ear related issues may be attended to by a senior cosmetic surgeon. At times more than one stages of surgery are required. Ear lobule reconstruction and repair may be needed. Stuck ear lobe is one condition where ear lobule looks weird. It may be corrected too.

* Pigmented lesions: Birth marks, pigmented nevi, moles, angiomas, prominent veins, cafe au lait spots, neurofibromas and similar lesions can improve with lasers or surgery.

* Craniofacial clefts: May be dealt with by plastic surgeon alone or with other specialties. Results may be moderate to good depending upon the magnitude of defect and availability of tissues.

* Many other birth defects may be addressed independently or in unison with other specialists by a senior plastic surgeon.