Scars! Scars!! & Scars!!!

Scars are a menace that nobody wants, but many have to live with. Senior cosmetic surgeon with modern gadgets can help reduce scars, many a times to great satisfaction of the patients.

Surgery (Scar revisions), excisions, skin grafting, laser resurfacing, laser perforations, platelet rich plasma therapy, fat injections, non-peeling laser sittings & spectrum of other modalities are available with us. Depending upon the needs, the relevant modalities will be used alone or in combination.

* Injury scars: Scars of old/ fresh injury which were not managed well at time of injury, can look bad especially when on face and exposed areas. A senior cosmetic surgeon may offer lot of improvement with his astute decision.

* Post-surgery scars: Many times scars following surgical operations are not acceptable to the patient. The scars may not be removed, but may be significantly reduced by revision scar surgery, lasers and other modalities.

* Acne scars: Big demand is there from youngsters and marriageable age adults for acne scar management. Different modalities may offer significant improvement in the scars, pigmentation and general outlook of face.

* Pox marks: Chicken pox marks (And old patients with small pox marks) are hated by most patients. A single ugly pox mark may spoil whole beauty of face. Lasers, sub-cisions, fat grafting may help greatly improve the scars.

* Post cancer reconstruction scars: Again revision surgery, flap surgery and lasers may come for rescue and offer modest improvements.

* Hypertrophic scars: Elevated red scars may be improved greatly with lasers and supportive pressure therapy and silicon sheets.

* Keloids: Hated by all, may improve with lasers and additional treatment modalities. Itching and size may reduce and overall appearance may improve. Prevention of recurrence cannot be guaranteed.

*Post-Burn Scars, Contractures & Pigmentation: Fire burns, scalds (Hot liquid burns), electric burns, contact burns and even sunburn may leave behind ugly scarring, contractures and pigmentation behind.

While surgeries, lasers & other modalities are used, total elimination may not be possible. However in many patients reasonable rehabilitation may be offered.

* Pigmented scars: Many a times the scar may not be the issue, but surrounding pigmentation is. Here lasers and some conservative modalities come to rescue.

* Tracheostomy scars: Are a specific group. Here a serious patient in whom during intensive care treatment a hole is made in windpipe for breathing. When patient is sent home, this leaves behind an ugly scar which may be significantly improved by a senior cosmetic surgeon.

* Post-infection scars: Infection, abscesses, furuncles, infected pimples may leave behind ugly scars, which may be amenable to certain treatment modalities.