Accident/ Injury/ Trauma

Accidents are daily occurrences. They cause minor injury or serious injuries requiring quick treatment, at times urgent medical attention.

Road side accidents (RTA) cause a bulk of such injuries. The injury may be small cuts, gross avulsions, facial lacerations, limb injuries, face fractures, limb fractures, head injuries, hand injuries, at times even chest and abdominal affections. Many people demand face wound closure with minimum scarring. Fine wound repair by a senior plastic surgeon may be required to get desired results.

Major avulsions require major grafting procedures. Attendant fractures may need close attention by an orthopedic surgeon.

Initial management of a major road side accident may require admission and immediate management in a ICU as a life saving procedure. Then only other attendant injuries are addressed. One has to rule out head injury, abdominal injuries and thoracic injuries.

Industrial accidents generally result in hand injuries or limb injuries. Hand Fractures and skin loss may have to be addressed. Chemical industries have special management depending upon type of agents being used.

During fights and lethal attacks, different types of injuries including penetrating injuries and major burns may have to be addressed..

Domestic injuries may include falls, crush injury, knife cuts, scissor injuries, door crush, child injuries etc. which may require urgent attention.

A plastic surgeon many a times takes the role of a team leader in managing small to large injuries.

The post-procedure complications are very few if any.