Female/Male Body surgery

Are You Plagued with Genital Inadequacies?  Female and Male genital cosmetic surgeries are there to rescue!

Male Genital Cosmetic Surgeires

  • ZSR Circumcision: A special type of device used for bloodless circumcision provides very good results.
    ZSR can be used for young as well as adult patients
    Surgery time is minimum with practically no bleeding.
    Even Musalmani, Khatana, Sunnat may be safely carried out by ZSR technique.
  • Regular Circumcision: Though not a cosmetic procedure, it may be strongly indicated in childhood, adulthood. At times required Post-marriage or even in old age. In muslim patients, Khatana or musalmani is undertaken as a religious procedure.
  • Penile lengthening: Some individuals have fancy to increase penile size, some need it. Surgical and non-surgical procedures can help. At times penile or scrotal webs may be operated to increase penile size.
  • Penile Girth Increase: I generally use fat grafting in stages to achieve the goal. Results may be average to good to very satisfactory.
  • Penile reconstruction: May be needed after cancer excision. More often it is needed in sex change surgeries. Micro-vascular surgery procedures may be required.
  • Penile Curvatures: Can be corrected by plastic surgeons.
  • Hypospadias surgery: Hypospadias is a birth defect hampering urination as well as sexual function. Single or staged surgeries may be required. At birth, even sex assignment may be difficult in severe cases of hypospadias.
  • Penile pigmented lesions, warts, other benign lesions may be effectively removed by lasers.
  • Penile Growths of different types can be dealt with and reconstruction advised.

Female  Genital Cosmetic Surgeries

With female liberation and value of self esteem, there is a great demand for female Genital Cosmetic Surgery. Many procedures are offered.

  • Clitoral de-hooding: May be indicated to increase female sexual pleasure leading to achieving orgasm. In some countries it is called female circumcision.
  • Labia Majora Reduction: Big, flabby, ugly labia may be modified to make cosmetically acceptable by regular surgery or minimally invasive procedures if possible.
  • Labia Minora Reduction: Unsighty and protruding Labia minora may be resected surgically or by lasers. Resuts are usually pleasing.
  • Labia Majora Augmentation: Flat, unattractive labium majus may be filled with fat graft and occasionally flaps to make it acceptable and attractive.
  • Hymenoplasty/ Hymen Repair / Hymen reconstruction: In some cultures, virginity at marriage is still valued. Often called as re-virginisation, the reconstructed hymen looks untouched. The procedure may be undertaken as lunch time procedure with patient cooperation.
  • Perineoplasty: With torn, improperly repaired perineal muscles at time of pregnancy, sexual pleasure may suffer for both the partners. Perineoplasty can help.
  • Monsplasty: Pleasant fullness in mons area may be provided by fat injection OR bulky mons may be made shapely by small canula liposuction. Results are pleasing for both the partners.
  • G-Spot Enhancement: May be undertaken to enhance female sexual pleasure, indirectly leading to male sexual pleasure too.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation: With aging and pregnancies, vagina loses its tightness and hence grip over penis during sex, amounting to reduced pleasure for both the partners. Vaginal tightening procedures may be undertaken.
  • Vaginal reconstruction: Vaginoplasties are indicated in congenital(from birth) absence of vagina, small vagina, vaginal septum etc. Surgery help restore the same.
  • Vulva Reconstruction: Reconstruction after Cancer excision, injuries may be accomplished by plastic, reconstructive procedures. Vulval augmentation, fillers, laser treatments, are additional procedures that may be used in addition to other procedures or independently to acheve various goals in female genital cosmetic surgeries.
  • Intersex surgeries: With LGBT community getting recognition legally and socially, male to female converts and female to male converts are on great increase. Generally surgeries are planned after psychiatrists certify mental sex status. There are many procedures to be undertaken stage by stage. Simultaneous hormonal treatments may need to continue.