Body Slimming

Working under the nose of a Cosmetic Surgeon

At Dr. Mehta’s MedSpa, you can undergo a whole lot of cosmetic procedures under the surveillance of a qualified doctor. When you avail his services you can be assured of getting the best of treatment, though cosmetic, but under complete medical surveillance.

Here are the various procedures offered by the specialist, Dr. Devesh Mehta who has been in the field since the past 25 years and has helped numerous people find their confidence and surge ahead in the challenge named life!

Body Slimming:

Figure improvement procedures like non-invasive staged or invasive lunch-time procedures are used to get the desired result.  Suction techniques and radio frequency procedures are used as a part of non-invasive techniques.  Excess weight in the areas of arms, tummy, calves, chin and saddle bags are targeted in this procedure.  Treatment is offered in sittings that are scheduled every week.