You wish to get a medical procedure for cosmetic reasons?  Then you must opt for Dr. Mehta’s MedSpa

Working under the nose of a Cosmetic Surgeon

At Dr. Mehta’s MedSpa, you can undergo a whole lot of cosmetic procedures under the surveillance of a qualified doctor. When you avail his services you can be assured of getting good treatment, though cosmetic, but under complete medical surveillance.

Here are the various procedures offered by the specialist, Dr. Devesh Mehta who has been in the field since the past 25 years and has helped numerous people find their confidence and surge ahead in the challenge named life!

Active Acne Treatment and Acne Scars Reduction:  Acne is a problem that plagues both girls and boys with same intensity.  Dr. Mehta makes use of non-invasive as well as invasive laser treatment techniques that help people experience better skin than earlier.  Acne scars are also removed with or without laser surgical procedures as the case may call for.

Anti-ageing Treatment:  A few of them age prematurely and a few others age naturally.  But, there are people who wish to defy age and hence opt for anti-ageing procedures.  There are Laser, ultrasound treatments, radio-frequency and micro current therapies that are employed in order to defy age and make the person look young.  Special non-invasive techniques are used to achieve the results.

Body Slimming:  Figure improvement procedures like non-invasive staged or invasive lunch-time procedures are used to get the desired result.  Suction techniques and radio frequency procedures are used as a part of non-invasive techniques.  Excess weight in the areas of arms, tummy, calves, chin and saddle bags are targeted in this procedure.  Treatment is offered in sittings that are scheduled every week.

Bridal Laser:  At Dr. Mehta’s, bridal laser procedure is undertaken so as to make the bride look extremely stunning during the wedding.  This procedure calls for two sittings before the final D-day.  The results of course, will last for many months.  Acne scar reduction and pigmentation reduction are also undertaken.

Cellulite Reduction:  No amount of dieting and exercising will yield reduction in cellulite.  The procedures are scheduled in stages and with different procedures like ultrasound and radio frequency, cellulite is reduced.

Face/Neck Rejuvenation:  People who are in their late thirties and early forties generally opt for these procedures.  Micro current, laser radio frequency procedures are used once in every 4-6 weeks.  It is only face or only neck that can be addressed in a given sitting.  At the end of the treatment procedure, people do feel looking young and attractive.

Face Tightening:  There may be a lot of changes in one’s face because of the natural ageing process or because of any other reason.  With the help of special lasers and follow-up medication, face tightening can be achieved.  Creases on the face are diminished, under-eye dark circle are improved and an overall glow in the facial skin is achieved.

Freckle’s removal:  Semi invasive laser technique or non-invasive techniques are used in order to get rid of freckles.  Two to three sittings are required for the procedure.  Exposure to sun and age may result in people having freckles which can be reduced through right cosmetic procedures.

Hair Regrowth:  Many men and a few women face the problem of balding and thinning of hair respectively.  This process can be reversed within 12 sittings wherein the doctor employs Laser as well as PRP procedures to get the desired results.  There is also additional guidance given and hair oil subscribed to sustain the result achieved.  When these guidelines are adhered to it will definitely help in the growth of new hair and reduce balding.

Hair Reduction:  Many people are plagued with excess hair growth in different parts of the body.  With the help of advanced laser system, the hair growth is reduced.  The most common areas where treatment is sought are lips, chin, and face, under arms, legs, hands and whole body.

Pigmentation Management:  Pigmentation is caused on the skin and non-invasive methods are employed in order to overcome the problem.  This is more common post pregnancy and also increases in women who have arrived at the menopausal stage.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy:  Rejuvenation, wound healing and hair growth are the arenas where PRP plays a major role in.  This therapy can be used for many medical and cosmetic procedures.

Pore reduction:  Open pores are a huge threat and this procedure will help treat the skin of open and huge pores.  A few sittings are required and during the procedure, the quality of the skin becomes enhanced.

Skin Blemish Management:  Marks left behind because of acne, birth marks, injury scars, warts, freckles, tattoos, skin pigmentation, veins, tiny spots can be treated with the help of laser as well as other supportive modalities.  There may be a few sittings required for each procedure.

Skin Whitening:  With the use of specific laser, one can get good results in skin whitening.  Sittings are called for at specific intervals.  Problems like pigmentation also get solved through such procedures.  People who are of dark and wheatish complexion generally opt for such procedure.

Spider Veins:  These are blue and red veins that show prominently on the face and other body areas and mar the beauty of a person.  This is an OPD procedure and can be tackled with the help of specific lasers.  Multiple sittings may be necessary and the chances of recurrence are minimal.

Tattoo Removal:  Those tattoos that are done by non-professionals in colors of blue and black can be removed very easily.  Tattoos that are done in red, green and yellow call for extra effort during removal.  There are a few laser procedures done in stages over a period of 4-6 weeks that will give the desired results.

Under-eye Dark Circles Treatment:  Laser treatment and other supportive procedures are found to better the condition.  One thing that people should understand is that dark circles cannot be cured completely.  Fillers may be used in a few instances and the treatment is carried out in stages.